School Year 2020 Admission Assessment


Time:to be announced 

Candidates:Preschool, (2-year-old) Kindergarten (3-year-old, 4-year-old, 5 year-old), Elementary Department, Middle School Department

※ 2-year-old class accept students born before 2018/4/1 

※ The detailed schedule will be announced later

<Things to Prepare and Bring>

① Application Form (Please submit the form via the link below before Feb 7th,2020)




Middle School:

② Student’s Picture

③ Mother and Child Health Handbook (Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1)

     Medical Check Result (Elementary and Middle School)

④ Grade/Performance Records from past 1-3 years

⑤ Admission Exam Fee

     Preschool and Kindergarten: 15,000 JPY

     Elementary and Middle School: 16,500 JPY

※ A 2-day school trail is included in the admission process. The detailed information will be provided later. If you want to confirm the schedule in advance, please contact our office.

<Assessment Content>

・2-day Trail

・Paper Test 

・Student Interview

・Parent Interview

<Things needed on the Assessment Day>

① Indoor Shoes ② Stationary ③ Assessment Ticket(will be sent after application)

<Process after Assessment>

① Result will be informed in one week

② Entrance Fee Remitance (within one week after receiving result)

③ Uniform Measurement (Febuary or March)

④ March 20th, 2020, New School Year Orientation (Tentative)

※For preschool and kindergarten new students, orientation will be arranged on the day health check report is submitted. (after Febuary,2020)