Middle School & High School Information Session August 3rd ~ 7th

During the information session, you can learn about IB MYP, DP, and ILA courses and their curriculum overview. You also acquire information about the entrance examination guidelines.

対象: OISの保護者
Participants: OIS parents/guardians
Parents of Summer School Non-OIS participants
Guests who are interested in joining OIS in the Future

主催: オキナワインターナショナルスクール Okinawa International School
Organizer:  沖縄国際学院高等専修学校 Okinawa International School (Secondary Education)

日程:8月3日(月)~8月7日(金)毎日開催 11:30 am ~12:30 pm
Date: August 3rd to 7th. One session every day. 11:30 am ~12:30 pm

Address: 143 Fusato, Tamagusuku,Nanjo City(TEL:098-948-7711)

参加 申し込み:https://forms.gle/oSqd1P64Xw5F722z8