New facility

Good morning.

We are happy to share some exciting news with the students and parents of our kindergarten students and teachers and staff today.

Your new facility is now on the roof of our school, Naha Campus.

Thanks to the hard work of volunteer parents ( Mr. Kadoo and Mr. Hokama), and OIS staff, we were able to put down the artificial grass.  It was a lightly cloudy day in the morning, but afternoon, the sunshine became stronger and we were working under the burning sun. On behalf of the school, I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard on this work.

 The children were able to frolic in their bare feet on this grass. However, we need to put up some shade netting on the roof to provide shade.  Until then, it will only be used in the morning when the sun is low.

From now on, we will use the rooftop Green area to help each child’s physical and mental development.