Request for Exhibition Questionnaire Response

What is an Exhibition?

*The video was last year’s exhibition.

It is an exhibition by 5th graders, who are in the final year of the PYP, as a presentation of their inquiry study in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program.
The students will present in both English and Japanese all the skills they have cultivated through their studies, including the ability to explore, summarize, present, collaborative experiences, knowledge and skills.

Last year, the students chose social issues that interested them and presented on “COVID-19”, “Endangered animals”, “Art Pattarns”, “Game Addiction”, “Internet”, “Space Debris”, and “Renewable Energy”.

This year, the students are planning to present on eight topics: Endangered Species Underwater, Impact of Movies on Society, Hunger in Society, Global Warming, Flying Cars (Technology), Domestic Violence (DV) and Discrimination, Medical and Cosmetic Surgery and Daily Life of Physically challenged people.

The children in the group that is preparing to present on the theme of flying cars (technology) are preparing a questionnaire.
The questionnaire should take no more than 5 minutes to complete, so we would appreciate your cooperation.


Dear Everyone, 

Good day!

We are inquiring about the impact of flying cars on our society for our PYP Exhibition 2022 in February. We are using this survey to collect data for our research.
Please be assured that your information will neither be disclosed nor shared.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Grade 5 Team Technology : Flying Cars 

Click here for the Flying Car (Technology) Group’s questionnaire→ Flying Car Questionnaire Form

Thank you very much for your cooperation.