Students Action!

One of the teams in the EXHIBITION scheduled to be presented on Saturday, February 19, was able to hand over the food donations to the person in charge at Caritas – Naha Japan.
The following is a report of the children’s activities.


Good day!

We are the “Hunger in Society” researchers for the OIS PYP EXHIBITION 2022.
Our action for this Inquiry is the Food Donation Drive.
Last Thursday, we went to Caritas -Naha Japan  and  Yuimaru no Kai as the agencies who help Team Hunger to bring the Food Donation Drive to the people who need the help. 


That said, we would like to heartily thank everyone who donated food or money for this cause.
We really appreciate your kind gestures and generosity.
Your actions will surely mitigate the fear of hunger for some Okinawans during this pandemic. 


The Food Donation Drive will be extended next week , February 19, until the day of our Exhibition.
We hope for your continued support. Thank you so much.


Best regards, 

Team Hunger