Grade 7 (MYP2) Individuals & Societies Class

The students completed two activities. The first activity was a murder mystery in which students played detectives. The students were given visual clues to solve a murder mystery. The students had to evaluate the clues carefully as some clues were decoys and not relevant to the riddle. The purpose of the activity was to a) teach students to evaluate information and data given by others critically and b) to practice judging whether a piece of information serves a purpose that is in line with their goals and objectives as detectives.
Critical thinking is necessary when evaluating information in doing historical research and investigation for reports and essays. The students had fun trading and exchanging clues with each other. At the end of the activity, one student solved the mystery correctly and was able to collect all the other student’s paper money as her prize. Students then sat in a big circle and conducted research and discussion on the topic of technological and scientific innovation and its impact on ancient societies.
「殺人ミステリー」の活動で、生徒たちは刑事役を演じました。生徒たちは、殺人の謎を解くための視覚的な手がかりを与えられました。いくつかの手がかりはおとりであり、謎に関係のないものもあったので、生徒は慎重に手がかりを評価しなければなりませんでした。この活動の目的は、a) 他人から与えられた情報やデータを批判的に評価すること、b) 情報が探偵としての目的や目的に沿ったものであるかどうかを判断する練習をすることです。