Grade7 & 8 Music Class

In the MYP 2 & 3 (Grade7 & 8) combined music class, based on what we learned about Ryukyu music, we focused on traditional celebrations and festival music from the different parts of the world and researched. We investigated and presented the characteristics of music used in celebrations and festivals in each country as well as folk instruments, costumes, and folk dances.

MYP 2&3 (Grade7 & 8)合同音楽クラスでは、琉球音楽について学んだことを元に、世界の伝統的なお祝いやお祭り音楽に焦点を当て、各自で興味のある国のリサーチを行いました。それぞれの国のお祝いやお祭りで使われる音楽の特徴、民族楽器や民族衣装、民族の踊り等を調べ発表を行いました。


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