Learning environment

OIS has its own unique learning environment

School Logo Message

The blue circled outline symbolizes “O” for Okinawa and Ocean. “I” is depicted with the straight leg and pure eye of the bird flying to the future. “S” is imaging the bird. The beak sticking out of the blue outline represents children’s future that will fly into to the world. The crown expresses brave determination to always challenge to be in the top.

Enhanced English immersion

As a bilingual school, OIS has a program to help children enhance their skills in English. We aim for students to pass Eiken English Proficiency Test Grade 3 in 3rd Grade, Grade Pre-2 in the 4th or 5th grade, Grade 2 in the 5th or 6th grade, and Grade pre-1 in middle school. Also, being in an English-speaking environment helps students become bilingual speakers by the 5th or 6th grade.

Advanced Japanese learning

International schools often use English for the purpose of fostering human resources.
Bilinguals have the ability to solve problems with the help of their abilities to use both languages fluently.
With this perspective, we value the equal development of the fundamental skills in both English and the mother tongue Japanese. One of the distinctive features of OIS is that starting with the first grade Japanese curriculum is divided into two classes – Japanese literature and Japanese language acquisition.

Technology-Driven Education

Since 2012, we have provided iPads to 5-6-year-old students to better prepare them for a more challenging and fast-progressing ICT environment.
In 2018, OIS introduced coding, a computer programming class, to elementary school to further hone their ICT skills and at the same time enhance their logical and critical thinking skills.

Interdisciplinary Teaching

We adopt team-teaching which foreign teachers and Japanese teachers work together to hold classes and develop study material. It gives students the effect of creating their own learning environment, as well as producing convenience of parent-teacher communication in both Japanese and English. All of our teachers have official teaching licenses and abundant experience. They are working to deepen knowledge with training and seminars as well as improving teaching skills.

Rich cultural immersion in Okinawa

Shimakutuba class
Okinawa has been producing its unique culture and customs in its long history. Especially the language (shimakutuba) represents Ryukyuan identity, and we have explorative classes to value and study this theme. This learning connects to intercultural understanding, mutual respect, and creation of a peaceful world that the International Baccalaureate Education advocates.
We have adopted karate as a regular curriculum since 2014. Karate, which originated in Okinawa, is a martial art that has now spread throughout the world. It empowers learners’ mentality when they train for reaching to black belt level as they experience the identity of Okinawa. It builds up mental strength to grasp success as they overcome various problems they will face on the way to their goals in the future.

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