From the parents' warm care to the child’s first society

During formative years, children remarkably develop mentally and physically, and it is an important period to form the basis of their personality. During this period we support children’s sign of independence which is to enable them to do personal things such as eating, dressing, and going to bathroom as we watch over their growing process. Also, they will experience various changes being with their friends and teachers.
In Cygnet class, we mentor children to develop consideration for themselves and others with teachers’ care.

OIS preschool provides not only international nursing to toddlers,but also values supporting parents, especially mothers.
As we take the place of mothers for a while, they can spend their own time and restore their energy. Mothers’ smiles have always the effect on children to be calm and welcoming with friends, and the warmth of their smiles accelerates the growth of their children’s heart set.


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