Except for the Japanese classes for Language & Literature, Language Acquisition, all classes are taught in English.

Yes.  When students complete middle school education in the 9th grade (3rd grade in middle school), they will receive a certificate to accredit their completion of middle school. At the same time, students who are enrolled at a public school also receive a certificate from that school as well.

The tests are three subjects (English, Math and Japanese) given all in English except for Japanese, and an interview is given both in English and Japanese.

English skill is very important. However, what’s more important is the motivation. We have a well- arranged supporting system, so if a student has grades higher than average and Eiken level 3 or higher, he or she will be able to improve him/her English skill.

As an international exchange program students experience international exchange with students overseas. Short-term study abroad program to the US is being prepared as well.

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OIS will hold on international School guidance counseling.