Admission Process

  1. Observe and Trial (Required for transfer applicants)
  2. Obtaining Application Documents
  3. Submission of application documents and payment of assessment fee
  4. Entrance Examination
  5. Announcement of the Assessment results
  6. The Procedure of the Entrance

Admission Methods

Entrance Assessment for 2025

1st : November 16th (Saturday)

2nd : January 18th (Saturday)

Transfer Assessment for 2024

First Tuesday of every month
※ Except school holidays
※ Schedule may change due to events

*Please submit your application form and photo via the web and payment of the examination fee before two weeks prior to the examination date of your choice.
*Once we have received confirmation of your application form and payment of the examination fee, we will send you an examination voucher by email from our Admission Center.

Stepping Up Assessment for 2025

OIS Kindergarten E2 Class Students
Examination Date:November 16th (Saturday)

E2 parents/guardians are requested to use their OIS Google Family account to complete the internal stepping-up application process.

Overseas Assessment

Currently not live in Okinawa with plans to move here or those whose siblings take the entrance examination / assessment for other departments of the school.

Online Assessment

Those who live in places where inter-prefecture or intern-country travel restrictions have been issued due to the effects of the spread of the Covid-19(Online entrance assessment this school year 2021-22 is not yet available.)

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

Phone number [8:30 - 16:45(Weekdays only)]


+81 098-835-1851


+81 098-948-7711


+81 098-948-7740

OIS will hold on international School guidance counseling.