Enrollment fee SY2024-2025

Assessment fee Entrance fee
16,500yen(tax included) 220,000yen(tax included)


For sibling groups of two or more students enrolled in the school, only 100,000 yen / tax included per family will be charged, regardless of the number of students.90,909 yen / tax excluded for families with an older sibling in high school
Annual Capital Fee
100,000yen (tax included)

Tuition for 2024-2025

Tuition Education Facilities and Activities Fee Total
1,056,700yen(tax included) 340,000yen(tax included) 1,396,700yen(tax included)

About Education Facilities and Activities Fee

Items to be included in Education facilities and activities Fee
  • Maintenance of facilities and equipment (rent, utilities, communications, leases, etc.)
  • School-managed teaching equipment and supplies
  • Library facilities and online database enhancement expenses
  • School bus maintenance (including some fuel costs)
  • City-managed facility rental fees
  • Educational Outbound Trip expenses (not involving admission fees/within the area of school bus utilization)
  • Miscellaneous Fee(Class event fee)
  • iPad rental and Application fees
Items not to be included in Education facilities and activities Fee
  • Teaching materials and equipment for personal use
  • School Uniform
  • Admission fees (Educational Outbound Trip and field trips)
  • Charter bus (Educational Outbound Trip/field trip)
  • Examination fee
  • Textbooks (middle school and above, some elementary schools)
  • Parental cooperation funds for expenses related to school events (graduation ceremony, study presentations, etc.)
Other expenses
  • Summer School
  • Catering Fee
  • School Bus
  • IELL Class Fee

About the time of Payment and the discount:

Time of Payment
  • Annually (April)
  • Semester payment (April and October)
  • Monthly (12 times /Year)
About the discounts based on tuition payment method
  • Annual payment : 2% of the annual amount.
  • Semester payment : 1% of the annual amount
Sibling Discount
  • 25% discount for the second child(tuition only)
  • 50% discount for the third child(tuition only)

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

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+81 098-835-1851


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+81 098-948-7740

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