Enrollment fee SY2024-2025

Assessment fee Entrance fee
16,500yen(tax included) 220,000yen(tax included)


For sibling groups of two or more students enrolled in the school, only 100,000 yen per family will be charged, regardless of the number of students.
Annual Capital Fee

Tuition for 2024-2025

Tuition Education Facilities and Activities Fee Total
1,300,000yen(tax included) 348,400yen(tax included) 1,648,400yen(tax included)

About Education Facilities and Activities Fee

Items to be included in Education facilities and activities Fee
  • Maintenance of facilities and equipment (rent, utilities, communications, leases, etc.)
  • School-managed teaching equipment and supplies
  • Library facilities and online database enhancement expenses
  • School bus maintenance (including some fuel costs)
  • City-managed facility rental fees
  • Educational Outbound Trip expenses (not involving admission fees/within the area of school bus utilization)
  • Miscellaneous Fee(Class event fee)
Items not to be included in Education facilities and activities Fee
  • Teaching materials and equipment for personal use
  • School Uniform
  • Admission fees (Educational Outbound Trip and field trips)
  • Charter bus (Educational Outbound Trip/field trip)
  • Examination fee
  • Textbooks (middle school and above, some elementary schools)
  • Parental cooperation funds for expenses related to school events (graduation ceremony, study presentations, etc.)
Other expenses
  • Summer School
  • Catering Fee
  • School Bus
  • IELL Class Fee

About the time of Payment and the discount:

Time of Payment
  • Annually (April)
  • Semester payment (April and October)
  • Monthly (12 times /Year)
About the discounts based on tuition payment method
  • Annual payment : 2% of the annual amount.
  • Semester payment : 1% of the annual amount
Sibling Discount
  • 25% discount for the second child(tuition only)
  • 50% discount for the third child(tuition only)

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

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+81 098-948-7740

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