School Life

Class Schedule

In Middle School, students study subjects of secondary education as centralized in the inquiry program of the International Baccalaureate.

Grade8 Class Schedule

Professional teaching materials

Students study with teaching materials which adopt the International Baccalaureate education. A class teacher and a curriculum coordinator study the material together [Interdisciplinary Learning] and create teaching plans.

Support Program

In Middle School, most of the classes are taught in English. We create an environment for all of the students to be able to achieve IB learning by supporting an individual’s English learning level and setting a support program for supplementary lessons for math and examination preparation.


  • Apr.

    Opening Ceremony

    IB Parent’s workshop

    Diagnostic Test

  • May.

    Community Service

  • Jun.

    Midterm Exam



    Sports Festival

  • Jul.

    Open School

    Japanese Language Proficiency Test

    Exchange Program

    Three Way Conference

    Summer Vacation

    Summer School

  • Aug.

    Summer School

    Classes Resume

  • Sep.

    Achievement Test

    Final Exam(1st)

    Semestral Break

    Open Campus

  • Oct.

    2nd Semester Stars

    Open School



    Halloween Festival

    School Trip (Tentative)

    Parent-Teacher Conference (Elementary)

  • Nov.

    Midterm Exam

    1st Entrance Examination

    Outdoor Camp (Elementary)

  • Dec.

    Japanese Language Proficiency Test

    School Play


    Winter Break

  • Jan.

    Classes Resume

    New Year’s Party


    Achievement Test


  • Feb.

    IB-MYP Community Project

    IB-PYP Exhibition

    2nd Entrance Examination

    Final Exam (2nd)

  • Mar.

    Three Way Conference

    Students-Led Conference


    Academic School End

    New Student’s Orientation

Club Activities

Enhancing health and welfare through club activities

Karate Club

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

Phone number [8:30 - 16:45(Weekdays only)]


+81 098-835-1851


+81 098-948-7711

OIS will hold on international School guidance counseling.