Education of kindergarten

PYP [ Primary Years Programme]

Taking the journey of learning upon childre n's curiosity

Children’s exploration starts by having interest and paying attention to things or events around them. To realize the learning world of what a “why” question creates, our kindergarten introduces the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP).
Teachers should not simply lecture everything, but respect children’s independence and value their personality and rights.  This is the basic principle of the International Baccalaureate (IB).

World- class education with children playing the leading role

Young children love to jump into the unknown world with shiny eyes and full of curiosity. We practice the International Baccalaureate Programme suitable for children aged three to five, and put children’s curiosity in the center of class activities. We create a world-top level education.

UOI ( Unit of Inquiry) based learning to develop broad research skills

One of the explorative activities UOI(Unit of Inquiry), children study events that are happening around them while connecting to world events by themselves. PYP early years provides interdisciplinary learning of English, math, music, art, and ICT.

We provide an English environment in playing and school life of children.

As class advances, the use of English increases in various areas of their school lives.At the same time, we value Japanese language as the mother tongue.

Learning environment

Learn from relationships with senior students

In everyday life, children naturally want to improve themselves. In kindergarten, we aggressively set up scenes to involve them with senior students so that we can inspire children to have aspiration to be and do like senior students. It is an important opportunity to stimulate their ambition and to learn voluntarily.

Advanced ICT environment

All the students from kindergarten (class for five-year-olds) to middle school use a tablet, (iPad).  We enhance the quality of the learning environment by creating an ICT environment that promptly copes with an information society.

Daily learning culminating in annual events

Children experience a lot of “I did it!” and “It’s fun!” through a variety of events.  For example, they cultivate teamwork and a competitive spirit through sports festivals, and in school plays they show the ability of English and expression that has been acquired.  A number of unique events are held throughout the year.

More than 80% of our kindergarten students continue into elementary

In Kindergarten, we value the learning of reading, writing, calculation as the basic study of English, Japanese, and Math in preparation for Elementary School. We aim for students’ smooth transition to elementary school as we accumulate support that matches each child’s achievement.

Parent’s Voice

Owlet Class One of the mother’s message

In order to enroll our child to an integrated school from kindergarten to high school, our family moved from Tokyo to Okinawa.The students here are acquiring communication skills in multiple languages. The teachers are very loving, and they are fostering inquiring minds with many extracurricular activities.OIS is a school where children and parents can enjoy together.

Eaglet1 Class One of the mother’s message

I am so grateful that teachers always arrange classes in a student-centered way. Therefore, my child could learn something every day with fun and interest. There are varieties learning engagements through which children learn to think independently and express themselves by singing, dancing, and speaking. Every day my child comes home with eyes shining. During these three years I feel the growth of my child in every day.

Eaglet2 Class One of the mother’s message

Tabula rasa is the word that describes my daughter journey to International Baccalaureate education. From an almost empty slate in Owlet to a grown-up preschooler in Eaglet2, she has shown improvements physically,emotionally, and socially. Learning different languages apart from IB learner profiles and attitudes are all attributed to OIS successful implementation of the IB Primary Years Programme. Primarily, she is studying at OIS to learn the IB way and be internationally-minded.

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