Qualification Requirements

OIS is looking for highly motivated and passionate teacher who understand the mission and philosophy of International Baccalaureate education, who think of their students’ well-being and learning, and who eagerly prepare their teaching materials in an inquiry approach.
All interested applicants must send the necessary documents (resume, application letter, transcript of records, teacher’s license) through email PDF attachment to the headmaster of OIS at .

SY 2021.4~

Elementary TEACHER 小学部 教諭
* Elementary Teachers' License
* English Native Speaker or same language level or Bilingual (Japanese and English) * More than 3 years teaching experience
* IB experience is an advantage
* Make the class Curriculum

*the School year 2021-2022

※ 小学部教員免許状 保持
※ 外国人教員のサポート(英検準2級以上保持、同等の英語力)
※ クラスマネージメントができる方
※ 3年以上の教員経験、IB教育経験者が望ましい


English Language Support Teacher

  • Provision of in-class English language support in selected subjects (math, science, individuals & societies)
  • Collaborative planning of the above classes (creation of differentiated activities & materials)
  • Collaboration with the English department to inform course placement decisions, etc.
  • After-school support classes for lower English proficiency levels (Cefr A1-B1)
  • Provision of language support training (SIOP, etc.) and guidance as related to the implementation of WIDA as a basic support framework for MYP subject teachers
  • Administration of proficiency tests (WIDA Screener, Model) to inform support program placement and exit decisions
  • Creation of language development plans, as necessary
  • Language support curriculum development
  • Professional management & tracking of student information in the form of student profiles, student files, etc.
  • Coordination with the PYP language support department
  • Support counseling & creation of resources to support language development at home

*Professional background (English Language Education, ESL or ELL)
*Master degree (If possible)
*Job experience (Experience in ENG Support to Japanese Students)
*Bilingual (If possible)


Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

Document request

Document request

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