Kindergarten has three classes for three- year-olds, four-year-olds, and five-year-olds.Classes are held with team-teaching by Japanese teachers and foreign teachers.
We cultivate children’s sense of achievement of doing things by themselves as we watch over the development of each child’s learning through language, tool-handling, fingertip and physical exercises.

Owlet 3 years old class

The first step that the children learn English

The class for three-year-old children features the theme, “The Development of the Communicative Competence”. Through daily learning activities which are presented in different themes, children freely communicate using English language spontaneously with their peers. They show confidence in interacting both in English and Japanese languages in various scenes of communication.

Eaglet1 4 years class

Children think and find answers by themselves

In the class for four-year-old children, the program of activities are carefully planned with the integration of the value of teamwork, cooperation, consideration and respect which help them reinforce social skills. We provide learning opportunities that could help open their minds and expose them to different real-life situations that could enrich the different aspects of their development. In this holistic learning environment, we foster each child’s thinking abilities to be critical and logical learners.

Eaglet2 5 years class

Children became inquirers, problem solvers, and self-directed learners

As children venture on the last stage of the Early Years Programme, they immerse themselves to take learning into their hands through a balanced mixture of Play, Music, Art, Literacy, Numeracy, and Unit of Inquiry. They are given hundred ways to explore their interest, to be collaborators in learning, and to relish their childhood through indoor and outdoor activities. At the heart of IB curriculum, each child is acknowledged as a capable individual who can make a difference in the community as they learn to value intercultural respect and understanding in Eaglet 2.


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