Middle School

  • Grade 6 11 year old
  • Grade 7 12 year old
  • Grade 8 13 year old
  • Grade 9 14 year old
  • Starting in the 10th grade, students continue studying at Okinawa International School Secondary School as integrated education.


Increasing understanding of the global community while being immersed in a multi-lingual holistic environment

In Middle School, students learn the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme from 7th grade to 9th grade. Middle school (MYP) is an important period where students deepen their knowledge and skills that they cultivated in inquiry learning in elementary school (PYP) and make a smooth transition to high school (DP). Through subject study, students acquire English skills and communication ability that enable them to be globally active. In addition, by learning their own traditional cultures, history, and language as well as enhancing their identity, students are fostered to be a person with true international mindedness.


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