• Preschool & Kindergarten Open School

    Preschool & Kindergarten Open School

    Open Schoolでは、OISについてのスクール概要説明やカリキュラム、クラスの様子などをご説明いたします。 During Open School, you can meet the teachers, school community, and discover more about the International Baccalaureate. < 保育部・幼稚部 @ 那覇キャンパス >…

  • (日本語) 校長先生ブログ

    (日本語) 校長先生ブログ

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

  • New Ping Pong Tables Received

    New Ping Pong Tables Received

    Today we have received the gifts from FOREST Fundraising — three ping pong tables. Thank you so much for all the gifts!(and the clock in the lobby we received before) When the pandemic is over, …

  • (日本語) マスクの寄贈をいただきました

    (日本語) マスクの寄贈をいただきました

    Today in OIS Naha Campus, we have received a box with a lable “mask donation” on it. We opened it, then found more than 200 masks in it. It is indeed heartwarming for all of our teachers a…

  • Back to School Today!

    Back to School Today!

    Regular classes resume today, which means finally we have dear OIS students gathered in our campus after three months. Middle and high school students in the hall and elementary students in the classr…

  • Thank You Letter

    Thank You Letter

    Due to Covid-19, the opening ceremony of our High school PSTA scheduled today has been postponed. However, we still received many beautiful flowers from our good friends and partners.     We would lik…

  • Opening Ceremony Online for Grade 1 Students

    Opening Ceremony Online for Grade 1 Students

    On April 7, 2020, 20 new OIS Grade 1 students and parents participated in the Online Opening Ceremony through Zoom, and then officially became elementary students.   They met their new teachers and fr…