OIS Secondary School:Accomplishment Report

Special Report
OIS Secondary School 1st year and 2nd year’s Accomplishment Report

International Baccalaureate Course (OIS Results / November, 2022 )
>IBDP Exam Score →OIS Average 40(World Average 30.94)
 November examinations: 18,039 students worldwide took the November examinations. 18.2% obtained a score of 40 or above.
 Reference: 173,882 students worldwide took the May exam (global average score 31.91)


University Admission Results students (as of April 16, 2024)
>International Baccalaureate Courses
 University of Toronto (Canada)
 McGill University (Canada)
 University of Melbourne (Australia)
 University of Sydney (Australia)

 University of Birmingham (U.K.)

 ESSEC Business School (Singapore)  ※ scholarship
 Waseda University – School of International Liberal Studies (SILS)
   Waseda University – School of Social Sciences, TAISI program (English-based degree program)  ※ Scholarship
 Sophia University, Department of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Liberal Arts

 Sophia University, Department of Management, Faculty of Economics
 INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY (ICU), Division of Arts and Sciences, College of Liberal Arts
 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology  (Australia)
 Monash University  Bachelor of Business (Australia)
 University of Queensland – Bachelor of Business Management (Australia)
 Ritsumeikan University – GLA (College of Global Liberal Arts)


>International Liberal Arts Course
 Hawaii Pacific University (USA)  ※ Scholarship
 California State University, Northridge (USA)
 Kapiolani Community College (USA)
 University of Canterbury (New Zealand)
 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (JPN) – College of International Management (APM)
 Yokohama University Of Pharmacy (JPN)  – Department of Health Pharmacy  ※ scholarship
 Hosei University (JPN) – Faculty of Economics, Department of International Economics
 Musashino Universitty (JPN) – Faculty of Pharmacy/ Department of Pharmacy
 Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand) – Social Sciences
 Lincoln University (New Zealand) – Global Business
 Queensland University of Technology (Australia) – Bachelor of Information Technology
 University of Technology Sydney (Australia) –  Bachelor of Games Development
 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong) – Bachelor of Engineering  ※Scholarship
The Education University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) – Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Artificial Intelligence and Educational Technology
   New Zealand School of Food & Wine (New Zealand) – Diploma in Cookery & Kitchen Management
 Centennial College Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations (Canada)
 The University of British Columbia (Canada) – Bachelor of Arts   New



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