Okinawa Study Abroad and Relocate

Would you like to study in Japan with your children in the rich natural environment of Okinawa?
OIS will start “Okinawa Study Abroad and Relocate” from September 2024.
Okinawa Study Abroad and Relocate offers world-class education for your children and a tranquil living environment for parents to raise your children.

Why Okinawa?

 1. Study at Okinawa International School (OIS), the only International Baccalaureate (IB) certified school in Okinawa.
     → OIS is the only IB continuum school in Okinawa, from kindergarten to high school (only 13 schools in Japan).
 2. Abundant natural environment conducive to inquiry-based education.
 3. Opportunity for fieldwork to learn about essential historical aspects crucial for inquiry-based education.
 4. Relatively high number of children and a conducive environment for childcare.
     → Lower childcare stress for mothers.
 5. Naha Airport is one of the key airports designated by the government, with 32 flights to Haneda Airport and a total of approximately 400 domestic and international flights per day.
※ OIS does not have dormitories. Therefore, both children and parents need to relocate to Okinawa together.
※ Goo Home, the largest housing portal site in Okinawa Prefecture, will introduce you to a residence that meets your needs.
※ If you are participating in a short-term program of one month or less, Kariyushi Hotels will arrange a condominium-type room for you.

Programs are available from 2 weeks

Age Range:
4 years old to high school students



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