New arrivals in November

We added some new books to the library.
Come and borrow one from our latest collection!
New arrivals:
– 心理学大図鑑/Visual book of psychology
– 14歳からの精神医学/Introduction to psychology for age 14 and up
– パチンコ(上)(下)/Pachinko
– ガラスの動物園/The glass menagerie
– 金子みすゞ童謡集 明るいほうへ/”Akarui ho he” Poetry collection by Misuzu Kaneko
– 金子みすゞ童謡集 わたしと小鳥とすずと/”Watahi to kotori to Suzu to” Poetry Collection by Misuzu Kaneko
– 文車日記/Fuguruma nikki
– The Hitch-hiker’s guide to the galaxy
– Brave new world
– Pachinko
– Convenience store woman
– The midnight library
– The Plague
– The Great Gatsby
– Okinawa: The history of an island people


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