HS CSE Interview / Ms. Elena

Today’s interviewee is Ms. Elena.

Q. What specific activities are you involved in?
A. As specific activities, we submitted a proposal to the “Atoippo Project” and received a grant from them to purchase boxes and cardboard boxes to put used clothes in and made posters. We also called Tamagusuku Elementary School, Junior High School, and Nanjo City Hall to ask them to leave boxes for us, and we collected the clothes ourselves. We donated the collected used clothes to Bambi Nursery School, the Council of Social Welfare, and Help Oki. We called each of them to coordinate the schedule and delivery of the items.

Q. What was difficult or impressive in the course of activities?
A. When we were working, there were times when we were unexpectedly not able to talk to the other party, or the time to go to the collection was limited due to classes. It was also difficult to carry them back school, so we used the school’s car when the amount was too large.

Q. What made you happy?
A. We collected more used clothes than last year, some of the clothes were cute, and we felt a sense of accomplishment sorting through the clothes.



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