June 23: “Okinawa Memorial Day.

Okinawa Prefecture’s “Memorial Day

Sunday, June 23 is “Memorial Day.
In 1945, 79 years ago, the Battle of Okinawa ended on this day. Memorial Day is a day to comfort the spirits of the victims of the Battle of Okinawa and to pray for lasting peace in the world.


In our elementary music classes, we have incorporated peace education in June to commemorate Okinawa’s Memorial Day. This year, the students discussed what they could do on this important day and decided to sing “Gettou” together to show their respect.
We would also like to invite you to take a moment to think about peace and offer a prayer on this day.

This video captures the essence of their dedication and respect for Okinawa Memorial Day. We invite you to watch it and participate in this special moment.

YouTube:Gettou by OIS Elementary Student’s


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