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  • Exhibition Eisa practice

    Exhibition Eisa practice

    G5 students are practicing eisa and sanba hard for the exhibition. The students were practicing hard, saying “Eisa is fun” and “Sanba is hard because it hurts our hands.”

  • IB Learner Profile certificate

    IB Learner Profile certificate

    Each month, teachers from every class select children whom they wish to award IB Learner Profile certificates. These certificates are for outstanding work and effort that exemplifies one of the Learne…

  • HS Donation for the Hawaii fires

    HS Donation for the Hawaii fires

    Student Body President, Ms. Waitman Lana, and Vice President, Ms. Momo Oshiro, donated 35,700 yen to Okinawa Hawaii Association President, Mr. Hiroshi Oshiro, on January 23 at the Nanjo Campus. The st…

  • Sports Day Thank you

    Sports Day Thank you

    Sports Day was held on Friday, January 26. We had a lot of fun with dodgeball and relays. Thank you very much for your participation!

  • HS Trial students from Naha high school

    HS Trial students from Naha high school

    On January 24 (Wed.) and 25 (Thu.), Yuka Oshiro and Moa Miyazato, students of Naha High School’s fourth SAP (Stay Abroad Program), had a hands-on experience at our high school prior to their dis…

  • HS CSE Thank you !

    HS CSE Thank you !

    On Saturday, January 20, a CSE (Community Service Exhibition) was held at AEON TOWN Nanjo Osato. The students were nervous before the event, but after the presentation, they were filled with a sense o…

  • (日本語) 高等部 CSE(地域奉仕活動発表会)

    (日本語) 高等部 CSE(地域奉仕活動発表会)

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

  • 高等部 CSE Interview / Ms.Yui

    高等部 CSE Interview / Ms.Yui

    Today’s interviewee is Ms. Yui. ―What specific activities are you involved in? The children’s cafeteria itself is called Kodomo Hiroba in Naha, and within it there is a children’s cafeteri…