• 高等部 CSE Interview / Ms.Yui

    高等部 CSE Interview / Ms.Yui

    Today’s interviewee is Ms. Yui. ―What specific activities are you involved in? The children’s cafeteria itself is called Kodomo Hiroba in Naha, and within it there is a children’s cafeteri…

  • HS CSE Interview / Riko

    HS CSE Interview / Riko

    Today’s interviewee is Riko. Q. What activities are you involved in regarding PFAS? A. PFAS, which is contained in an ingredient from the base’s foam fire extinguishing agent, once release…

  • Wheelchair Experience

    Wheelchair Experience

    As part of the Exhibition, G5 members Ms. Tsubaki and MR. Yoshiki had a one-day wheelchair experience. Ms. Tsubaki said, “My hands get tired and it hurts because I cannot move my legs.” Mr…

  • HS CSE Interview / Ms. Elena

    HS CSE Interview / Ms. Elena

    Today’s interviewee is Ms. Elena. Q. What specific activities are you involved in? A. As specific activities, we submitted a proposal to the “Atoippo Project” and received a grant from the…

  • Exhibition Preparation

    Exhibition Preparation

    G5 students are steadily preparing for the exhibition. Please look forward to their presentations on the day of the exhibition! ==================== Date: Saturday, February 17, 2024 Time: 9:00-12:05 …

  • HS CES Rehearsal Time!

    HS CES Rehearsal Time!

    Liberal Arts Course students are currently practicing for their annual Community Service Exhibition on Saturday, January 20. Presenting for G5 Presenting for middle and high school students  

  • HS CSE Interview / Mr.Namiki

    HS CSE Interview / Mr.Namiki

    Today’s interviewee is Mr. Namiki. Q. What activities are you involved in? A. I am working on a project that will allow people from overseas to come to Okinawa and enjoy themselves through basketball …



    *the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (“PYP”) The fifth grades students in the final year of PYP will hold an Exhibition. The Exhibition is the culmination of all the skil…